"I told you it’s nothing." He reached out and took the small baggy of pills from his/her hand, frustration evident in his voice. 

"You can’t seriously say this is nothing, it’s obviously something so you might as well just tell me what the fuck these things are!” Alexis snatched the bag back away from the male before shaking them slightly, causing the pills to make a quiet clattering noise, breaking the new silence.



"I don’t know. Maybe because this other guy is actually my friend?"


"But you’re my friend too? C’mon just this one time."

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{ T E X T;; to *insert ex's name* }Taylor: so...
Taylor: it's been 29 days
Taylor: or 696
Taylor: or 41760 minutes give or take since you walked away from us
Taylor: i'm not gonna hold you too long because i just want to know why
Taylor: why'd you end us and don't give me that bullshit excuse you used when you were leaving
Alexis: would you just stop asking me this? please?
Alexis: why can't you just accept my reason and get over it?

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          “All I’m asking you to do is make out with me to make this other guy jealous, why is that so hard?”